Creatures of the Night roleplay. All Creatures from the Realms of Darkness welcome.

Welcome to The Zephurian Empire. The Empress loves receiving new minions.
Once you have become a minion, please introduce yourself in the introduction forum and fill out the character sheet in your profile.
Thank you. ~Empress Lilith~ (-|-|-)

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The Gems of The Starlit Forest

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1 The Gems of The Starlit Forest on Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:32 pm

Empress Lilith

Empress Emerita
Empress Emerita
The Gems of The Starlit Forest official coven website. Come check it out. We have a forum where you can talk and learn more about wicca. We also have a page that describes our beliefs. We also have a prayer request section set up where you can submit requests for us to bring to the Goddess's attention.


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