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Welcome to The Zephurian Empire. The Empress loves receiving new minions.
Once you have become a minion, please introduce yourself in the introduction forum and fill out the character sheet in your profile.
Thank you. ~Empress Lilith~ (-|-|-)

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Main Base

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1 Main Base on Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:09 pm

Empress Lilith

Empress Emerita
Empress Emerita
In a meeting with Lord Kronos, we were discussing ideas for the video records. The topic of where we would shoot the videos came up and we decided to build a Main Headquarters. The Headquarters building will be located near his house. We will begin building as soon as possible. We also need all the help we can get. Anyone interested please let myself or Lord Kronos know. Thank you and Blessed be.

~Empress Lilith~


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